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Story from TV Shows. A Netflix show about sociopaths starring a musical theater savant? The Politician has no heroes. Read on for our recaps of this mystifying show. Episode One: "Pilot". I promise to be more real from now on. Astrid, like many of the characters in this show, is play-acting at being a person. The Payton Posse, which seemingly congealed in elementary school, watches as their holy star starts to fracture.

The Harvard waitlist is the first fault-line. The disastrous high school presidential election campaign is the second. Now, Payton and River are opponents. After all, every action in this high school is a step toward another accomplishment. In front of his school, River opens about his past depression and suicide attempt. Everyone weeps as he describes jumping into his pool with a weight tied to his ankle, only surviving because the knot unravels.

This golden boy has problems, too? Unlike 13RW , The Politician never explains River's depression away or assigns it to concrete reasons. He was deeply depressed. Someone real. Ironically, the candidate he chooses is the opposite of genuine.

Infinity is reluctant, as she doesn't want to be used. The goal for VP, it seems, is to pick someone who ticks the struggle boxes. Keep in mind that Payton has also slept with Astrid during their threesome, so this is all a bit complicated. Alice — a girlfriend as conniving as Astrid was to River — persuades Payton to break up with her to boost his image.

In a public letter, Alice will tell the school she cheated on Payton. Her one condition: Payton must turn around and stare at her when she passes him in the hallway, a signal he remembers the truth of their love. Maybe he can get him a job.

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Who can use who, and how? Cruel and unusual punishments are their pastime. But Payton is different. She adores her adopted son and accepts him unconditionally, even after he confesses he might be a sociopath. If The Politician's legacy is giving the youth more of a connection with Joni Mitchell beyond Love Actually , then that is enough for me. In front of Dusty, Payton weeps so profoundly for River that I believed, finally, that he loved him.

Payton, for morbid reasons. Episode Two: The Harrington Commode. With Infinity, The Politician once again points out the distance between appearances and reality. Andrew Ryan J. Haddad , a fellow student with cerebral palsy, has been observing Infinity for years. So, will Payton keep asking questions or cloak himself in plausible deniability? Do you even know Payton by now?

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Over a tin-foil dinner table, Dusty squeezes a Disney Cruise out of Payton. She rains medical files on his head — all tinkered by the bribed-out medical technician. But Infinity is genuinely guileless. Payton opens the blood test results: She is cancer-free, as suspected. With the whole Infinity snafu, Payton learns an obvious lesson: The truth has consequences because the truth dissolves illusions.

‘I felt like we were the centre of the world’

His parents run into the same lesson. She married him for his enormous wealth. He married her to complete the image of a perfect life. Together, they formed a pretty picture. But lately, Georgina has been yearning for authentic connection — and Keaton notices. This myth sustains Keaton's whole life. Nothing about him is substantial. He collects books only because they look good on the shelf. When confronted by the fact his life is based on a lie, he falls apart. In The Politician , suicide is treated as an exhibitionist act; something done in front of people.

River abruptly shoots himself in front of his best friend. Keaton jumps out of the window. Just wait until later episodes no spoilers. Studios show witnessing a public suicide can be traumatic; Payton is certainly suffering from PTSD that is unexplored in the show. Keaton survives, but barely. The prenup stated that Georgina would be booted out of the will if she divorced him for another man.

So on one side are the Outsiders, the others, Martin and Luther aka the Winklevoss Twins, aka the greatest casting decision ever. Who is Payton without that sweet, sweet cash flow? Payton reminds Romulus and Remus or whatever their names are that their dad might wake up from his coma, and then punish them for being so cruel to Payton and Georgina. They decide killing their dad is their only option.

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Beside his hospital bed, they openly wrestle with the ethics of killing him but ultimately decide their instant inheritance would be worth it. Payton laid a successful trap to prove how terrible the twins were. The twins are left with nothing but the Harrington Commode. Georgina will do anything for her son, including give up love.

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Episode Three: October Surprise. At long last, the flashback episode in which we find out what really happened between River and Payton last year. So far, this is all we know: they studied Chinese, they kissed, they ran against each other. Then, in a tragic escalation, River killed himself in front of Payton. Now, we learn how different Payton and River were. Payton might not have principles, but at least his personality is straightforward; the guy is made of pure ambition.

River, on the other hand, is elusive. Who is River? He is a walking weighted blanket.

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He is generous with compliments for his sometimes lover, but drifts away before Payton can hold him. Essentially, TV has never seen a letterman jacket-wearing jock like River. Yet, the nature of their relationship is unclear. Was it a romantic friendship? A friendly romance?

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Or was it deeper? Did River unlock a previously inaccessible part of Payton? River made him feel something and Payton nudged an inch closer to being a real boy. Though this episode, firmly ensconced in the upper, upper,. Payton talks himself into thinking he earned this spot the old-fashioned way, not bought it. Before attending Harvard, though, he has to win the race.