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To end your rental, simply park your car2go on public, non-metered, on-street parking within the New York Home Area.


The best part? It costs you nothing. Parking guidelines: It's pretty simple: as long as you end your trip in public, on-street parking, you're good to leave the car and go. Just be sure to check our parking guidelines below and New York City's parking rules. No need to return the car2go to a rental station.

You can park on any legal on-street parking spot within the Home Area.

You can park on streets with 4-day-a-week street sweeping, except within 12 hours of the scheduled cleaning. You can park on streets with 1- or 2-day-a-week street sweeping, except within 24 hours of the scheduled cleaning. Skip the dreaded parking search. If parking is full, please end your trip on the street as you normally would within car2go parking guidelines. Enter from 2nd Avenue between 32nd and 37th Avenue.

Stopover mode lets you run inside for an errand without giving up the car. To make a stopover, simply park the car without ending the rental and take the car key with you. Note: If during a stopover you park somewhere that requires payment, the cost is on you.

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Where to make a stopover:. Outside the New York City Home Area On parking spaces are owned by a private party, such as a school, business or residence In parking garages, lots, or other facilities. Steer clear of illegal parking spots or you may be held responsible for a parking ticket, vehicle relocation or worse — the dreaded tow. Tip: When ending your car2go trip, a good rule of thumb is to ask yourself if you would leave your personal car there.

Remember: You can only start and end trips within the Home Area. Be sure to take a look at New York City's parking rules. Metered parking Areas with specified time restrictions Temporary "No Parking" zones Disabled spaces unless you possess a valid permit Taxi or motorcycle parking Double parking only where permitted. In front of fire hydrants "No Standing" zones Bus stops Privately owned parking lots or garages Private driveways. New York City.

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Join now MyAccount. In order to improve the website to give you the best experience, we use cookies. Stay in the bus until the first circle appears then beeline for the center of the circle. You'll find the fortbyte, well, wherever that is. It'll have a purple lightning bolt hover above it to make it easier to eyeball. Head to the southwestern half of Neo Tilted and look for the pictured red truck. Just below you'll find the Fortbyte. Use the Rox Spray on the wall to claim it. This Fortbyte's an easy get.

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Just head to the house at Fatal Fields and you'll find it behind the drafting board on the second floor. For this Fortbyte, just float down to the southernmost island.

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You'll find the Fortbyte in the tiny shack. Make sure you're dressed as the bearded Bunker Jonesy beforehand. No worries. The byte is hanging out between the two mountains splitting Pleasant Park and Haunted Hills. Look for some trees near a patch of dirt to find that good-good. Head to the ruined building overlooking the northern edge of Dusty Divot. You'll find the Fortbyte on the metal grating near the diagram. Make sure you're bringing the Kyo pet back bling along for the ride, then float down to the edge of the island slightly northeast of Junk Junction to claim the Fortbyte.

Dress as Sentinel to claim this Fortbyte. There are only two frozen islands on the map, so head to the westmost berg and you'll find the Fortbyte behind the rocks on its southern tip. Back to Neo Tilted for another Fortbyte. This one is located on the first floor of the DurrBurger, which is nearly impossible to miss. Just look for the massive hamburger hologram in the sky. Use the Tomatohead emote near the Fortbyte to claim it.

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Head to Peely's place in the southwest corner of Neo Tilted. Walk inside of the banana stand wearing the banana cape to pick up the fortbyte. For this Fortbyte, it's easiest to start at the pirate camp west of Lazy Lagoon. Head directly south into the jungle. The Fortbyte is hanging out where the dirt path splits.

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The throne in this case is a toilet on a hill northeast of Happy Hamlet. Drop down with the Vox pickaxe and bash the gnome for the fortbyte. There's only one Sasquatch cave on the Fortnite map. You'll find the entrance in a grove of trees splitting the distance between Frosty Flights and Happy Hamlet. The fortbyte's in the hut. This Fortbyte's easy to find, but not necessarily easy to claim. Head to the ruined castle east of the Haunted Hills graveyard.

Head to the rooms opposite the throne where the marker is in the picture below and you'll find the Fortbyte waitin' for a claimin'. Thing is, it has to be night. You can try your luck by waiting, but queuing up for another match might be a better idea. Eventually you'll get one that starts at night. Use the Cluck Strut emote and start walking across the road towards the Fortbyte.

It should become available after a few steps. Head to the mountain just northeast of Snobby Shores. Inside, find the first floor of the ruined lair. Dance with a friend or kind stranger on each pad to raise the disco ball and activate the fortbyte. This Fortbyte is hidden in the building just east of the church in Haunted Hills. Make sure it's not a ghost, then claim it. Just land on the northernmost rim of the volcano, but be sure to equip the Basher Bunker pickaxe first. Smash the small rock to unlock the Fortbyte. Head to Snobby Shores with the Sad Trombone emote in tow.

The fortbyte is located in the northernmost lot. Play the sad song for the sad collectible. Equip the Durr! You'll find the Pizza Pit on the first floor.

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Head to the back and turn the corner for the fortbyte. Fly to Happy Hamlet then head to the northern part of town. Look for the sign with the pig on it, head inside, and use the emote behind the counter for the fortbyte. Head to the area just beneath the first stretch of waterfall on the southern edge of the viking village.

Use the Sunbird spray on the ground for the Fortbyte.