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Good luck! By beginning of the trailer you mean Scarlett walking at the screen or the texts or travelings in the empty levels? Or all of that? In the trailer of the final game, I will have more mobs and more environments to show so I will replace this part with gameplay action part. I thought it would be cool to just see the levels but you are not the first to find it boring. I guess it is one of my strange level designer taste. You are right, 30 levels is not a selling point.

Twisted Tales: episode guide

It does not seem short to me but I am developper biased. I will remove it from the final game trailer. Same for the shop.

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Indeed my call to action is really bad! Nice idea the mouse cursor. I will update the demo trailer. More emotion and excitement, yes, I see what you mean.

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Not an easy task on such a demo but I will try. It looks alright, but there are some minor things you could fix to make it much better though. If you are not in a rush, i could help you out with it but I'm currently away. DM me if you want me to fix it for you, but after the 6th of January. My artistisc sensitivity is as subtle as a Jason Statham movie. That explains the text transitions. It's very kind of you to offer help but I should fix these issues myself.

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It's the better way to learn I think. Could you make a list of all the little things I should fix to make it better? Then I will try to fix them and DM you with the new version of the trailer to see if it feels less "Stathamesque". To create the trailer I have shot the video directly from Unity Editor where we can use the gamepad and mouse and keyboard. You can see my cursor when I show the shop in the trailer But for the moment we do not support gamepad on the android and IOS demo.

The only way you have to interact with the game is button on the screen.

Screenshot here. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. View discussions in 1 other community. Continue this thread. We will keep working to deliver in Guys you can try the demo on play store, it's great! Yes, the demo is available on Android and IOS. I am really happy you played and enjoyed it.

Yes, very well done, shows just enough about the gameplay. Cool cool cool.

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Note for later: do not write code during Christmas I get that it tries to tease, but it doesn't tease interesting parts imo You don't need to mention there are 30 levels, it sounds like a short game. You also don't need to show all the purchasable items in the trailer Instead of "demo available on" I think you need a call for action the "download now" stuff. Facebook Twitter Youtube.

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Twisted Tales : Night Night Scarlett. Developer :.

Very Long Call. Download APK. Twisted Tales: Night Night Scarlett is a pixel art action platformer game in the wonderful world of Little Red Riding Hood with touches of metroidvania. It is for hardcore gamers who like retro games in beautiful pixel art [8bit 16bit 32 bit]. As she goes to her grandmother's house, Scarlett, the Little Red Riding Hood, finds the house empty, claw marks on the door. Surely the big bad wolf!

Night of the Monster

She takes her grandmother's sword hidden under the bed and goes to her rescue. Help Scarlett save her granny from the clutches of the big bad wolf! Go through 30 levels divided into 3 different zones. Face many enemies. Avoid Machiavellian traps.