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Jaya is the girl he saw himself with and she happens to work at the Repository. My favorite part of reading this book was learning more about the Repository and especially the special collections. I loved the idea of such a place.

The Wells Bequest : A Companion to The Grimm Legacy

My problem came in a bit with the somewhat annoying budding romance between Leo and Jaya. Maybe it was due to Leo being the voice of the book, he becomes quickly obsessed, not unlike a teenage boy, with a beautiful girl. It helps when she turns out to be intelligent, creative and a bit kick butt when needed. The plot itself circles around the relationship between Jaya and Leo.

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Jaya decides not to spend time with another employee, Simon, one who is plainly in love with her as well. After he is scorned, he becomes the villain of the story and the reason the preempts the time travel elements in the book. I really wanted to love this book, but it's hard to read a middle grade novel that is so entrenched in a love plot, doing something that bad YA novels do too often.

I expect more for middle grade novels, deeper plots with deeper meanings. Not a time travel adventure prompted by a jealous love interest. Final Verdict : The Wells Bequest did not live up to expectations and fell into the category of books that are too easily based on romance.

I did enjoy the settings, the Repository, and the time travel adventures, but overall was disappointed.

THE WELLS BEQUEST by Polly Shulman | Kirkus Reviews

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This is a book you would borrow from the library — not buy- and never check out again. You might recommend it to a friend with a mention of the glitches, knowing that something in the plot or story would still appeal to them regardless. Mostly enjoyable. The story was strong enough or the conflict tight enough, so even when the book faltered, it was able to draw you back in and keep you. You would probably buy it and would definitely recommend it to your friends.

You liked the characters and the plot. The writing style was good and the editing clean. You would definitely buy this book. You would definitely recommend it to your friends. You really loved the characters and the plot and would consider looking for this authors back list or making her an autobuy.

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The writing and editing were superb. You wonder what happens to the characters when you finish. You would absolutely buy everything else this author had to offer. The highest praise — and reserved for only a few. Review Heat Level Descriptions SWEET : no visual love scenes and no descriptive kissing; SENSUAL: Contains a high degree of sexual tension, steamy kisses and passionate clinches, but all fully consummated love scenes will be implied, not described, and with the bedroom door firmly closed.

SPICY: Contains actual love scenes and may include detailed descriptions of foreplay and consummation. HOT: Contains sizzling and very detailed love scenes throughout and graphic, explicit content which may be offensive to some. Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your email address to receive notifications of new posts by email. About The Wells Bequest Leo never imagined that time travel might really be possible, or that the objects in H.

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