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Captain America, by Ed Brubaker Series

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Captain America, by Ed Brubaker Series by Ed Brubaker

Greetings and Salutations. We've been in recovery mode since our epic road trip last weekend. Between Wednesday and Sunday, we logged a solid miles, culminating in a 14 hour trek from Manhattan all the way back to Nashville. Following some extra preparation on Tuesday to polish up some new material, we rested up and carb loaded for our Wednesday afternoon departure. Upon arriving at the venue, we backed Karl the Maradeen-mobile down the absurdly narrow alley to the load in doors of the Pub. At first glance, everything looked the same inside, but after closer inspection we noticed that they had completely redone the public address system.

In the past, the sound there had been good for u, but the upgraded system improved on that ten-fold. As a band that relies heavily on instrumental communication and conversation, a clear monitor mix, and by proxy front of house mix, makes our lives so much easier. No matter where in the country you are, it can be very difficult to bring people out late at night on a Wednesday. We've had raucous crowds for our past hits at the Pub, but those were on weekends during the school year when thousands of Volunteers are roaming Market Square.

This mid-week mid-summer show looked to be a total bust at first, but as the night went on and we got locked in musically, a small but enthusiastic crowd began to flow in. It was impossible for us to be disappointed by the amount of people due to their sheer rowdiness for the music we were producing.

With our next show nearly 7 hours away in Washington, DC, we decided it would be best to knock out some of the drive that night to save us some stress in the morning. Whit put on his captain's hat and guided our vessel up through the mountains of East Tennessee all the way to Bristol, Virginia where we holed up in a Quality Inn for the night. A late arrival and early morning noon checkout had us chugging coffee and struggling to get everyone showered before housecleaning came through. As no Maradeen tour is complete without the South's greatest contribution to the world, we hit the local Chick-Fil-A for some deep-fried, spicy, saucy, savory goodness.

Back in May on a trip to Washington and Lee University, we learned that Virginia is very, very wide and that it takes a very long time to get across it. Massachusetts, the foremost of the New England States, voted a costly monument in Westminster Abbey to Lord Howe, who had fallen in the conquest of Canada. The assembly of the same State in a congratulatory address to the Governor declared that without the assistance of the parent State they must have fallen a prey to the power of France, that without the compensation granted to them by Parliament the burdens of the war would have been insupportable, that without the provisions of the treaty of peace all their successes would have been delusive.

Page:Appletons' Cyclopædia of American Biography (1900, volume 4).djvu/252

In an address to the King they repeated the same acknowledgment, and pledged themselves, in terms to which later events gave a strange significance, to demonstrate their gratitude by every possible testimony of duty and loyalty. Several acute observers had already predicted that the triumph of England would be soon followed by the revolt of her colonies. I have quoted in a former chapter the remarkable passage in which the Swedish traveller, Kalm, contended in that the presence of the French in Canada, by making the English colonists depend for their security on the support of the mother country, was the main cause of the submission of the colonies.

A few years later, Argenson, who has left some of the most striking political predictions upon record, foretold in his Memoirs that the English colonies in America would one day rise against the mother Edition: orig; Page: [ 3 ] country, that they would form themselves into a republic, and that they would astonish the world by their prosperity. In a discourse delivered before the Sorbonne in Turgot compared colonies to fruits which only remain on the stem till they have reached the period of maturity, and he prophesied that America would some day detach herself from the parent tree.

The French ministers consoled themselves for the Peace of Paris by the reflection that the loss of Canada was a sure prelude to the independence of the colonies; and Vergennes, the sagacious French ambassador at Constantinople, predicted to an English traveller, with striking accuracy, the events that would occur. They stand no longer in need of her protection.

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She will call on them to contribute towards supporting the burdens they have helped to bring on her, and they will answer by striking off all dependence. It is not to be supposed that Englishmen were wholly blind to this danger. One of the ablest advocates of the retention of Canada was the old Lord Bath, who published a pamphlet on the subject which had a very wide influence and circulation; 2 but there were a few politicians who maintained that it would be wiser to restore Canada and to retain Guadaloupe, with perhaps Martinico and St.

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This view was supported with distinguished talent in an anonymous reply to Lord Bath, which is said to have been written by William Burke, the friend and kinsman of the great orator. Canada, this writer argued, was not one of the original objects of the war, and we had no original right to it. The acquisition of a vast, barren, and almost uninhabited Edition: orig; Page: [ 4 ] country, lying in an inhospitable climate, and with no commerce except that of furs and skins, was economically far less valuable to England than the acquisition of Guadaloupe, which was one of the most important of the sugar islands.

Before the war France had a real superiority in the West Indies, and the English Caribbean islands were far more endangered by the French possession of Guadaloupe, than the English American colonies by the French possession of Canada. The latter danger was, indeed, never great, and by a slight modification of territory and the erection of a few forts it might be reduced to insignificance.

England in America was both a far greater continental and a far greater naval Power than France, and she had an immense superiority both in population and position. But in addition to these considerations, it was urged, an island colony is more advantageous than a continental one, for it is necessarily more dependent upon the mother country. In the New England provinces there are already colleges and academies where the American youth can receive their education.

America produces, or can easily produce, almost everything she wants. Her population and her wealth are rapidly increasing; and as the colonies recede more and more from the sea, the necessity for their connection with England will steadily diminish. If the people of our colonies find no check from Canada they will extend themselves almost without bounds into the inland parts. The possession of Canada, far from being necessary to our safety, may in its consequences be even dangerous.

A neighbour that keeps us in some awe is not always the worst of neighbours.

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So far from sacrificing Guadaloupe to Canada, perhaps if we might have Canada without any sacrifice, we ought not to desire it. These views are said to have been countenanced by Lord Hardwicke, 2 but the tide of opinion ran strongly in the opposite direction. The nation had learned to look with pride and sympathy upon that greater England which was growing up beyond the Edition: orig; Page: [ 6 ] Atlantic, and there was a desire which was not ungenerous or ignoble to remove at any risk the one obstacle to its future happiness.

It was felt that the colonists who had contributed so largely to the conquest of Cape Breton had been shamefully sacrificed at the Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle, when that province was restored to France; and that the expulsion of the French from Canada was essential, not only to the political and commercial prosperity of the Northern colonists, but also to the security of their homes. The Indian tribes clustered thickly around the disputed frontier, and the French being numerically very inferior to the English, had taken great pains to conciliate them, and at the same time to incite them against the English.

Six times within eighty-five years the horrors of Indian war had devastated the northern and eastern frontier. To any statesman who looked upon the question without passion and without illusion, it must have appeared evident that if the English colonies resolved to sever themselves from the British Empire, it would be impossible to prevent them. Their population is said to have doubled in twenty-five years.

They were separated from the mother country by three thousand miles of water. Their seaboard extended for more than one thousand miles. Their territory was almost boundless in its extent and in its resources, and the greater part of it was still untraversed and unexplored. To conquer such a country would be a task of great difficulty, and of ruinous expense. To hold it in opposition to the general wish of the people would be impossible.

England by her command of the sea might easily destroy its Edition: orig; Page: [ 7 ] commerce, disturb its fisheries, bombard its seaboard towns, and deprive it of many of the luxuries of life, but she could strike no vital blow. The colonists were chiefly small and independent freeholders, hardy backwoodsmen and hunters, universally acquainted with the use of arms, and with all the resources and energies which life in a new country seldom fails to develop.

They had representative assemblies to levy taxes and organise resistance. They had militias which in some colonies included all adult freemen between the ages of sixteen or eighteen and fifty or sixty; 1 and in addition to the Indian raids, they had the military experience of two great wars. The capture of Louisburg in had been mainly their work, and although at the beginning of the following war they exhibited but little alacrity, Pitt, by promising that the expenses should be reimbursed by the British Parliament, had speedily called them to arms.

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In the latter stages of the war more than 20, colonial troops, 10, of them from New England alone, had been continually in the field, and more than privateers had been fitted out in the colonial harbours. Under such circumstances, with the most moderate heroism, and even without foreign assistance, a united rebellion of the English colonies must have been successful, and their connection with the mother country depended mainly upon their disposition towards her and towards each other.

For some years before the English Revolution, and for several years after the accession of William, the relations of the colonies to England had been extremely tense; but in the long period of unbroken Whig rule which followed, most of the elements of discontent had subsided. The wise neglect of Walpole and Newcastle was eminently conducive to colonial interests.

The substitution in several colonies of royal for proprietary governments was very popular.

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  6. It was found that the direct rule of the Sovereign was much more equitable and liberal than that of private companies or individuals. Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware alone retained the proprietary form, and in the first two at least, a large party desired that the proprietors should be compensated, and that the colonies should be placed directly under the Crown. The lower chamber in each province was elected freely by the people, and in nearly every respect they governed themselves under the shadow of the British dominion with a liberty which was hardly equalled in any other portion of the civilised globe.

    Political power was incomparably more diffused, and the representative Edition: orig; Page: [ 9 ] system was incomparably less corrupt than at home, and real constitutional liberty was flourishing in the English colonies when nearly all European countries and all other colonies were despotically governed.

    Material prosperity was at the same time advancing with giant strides, and religious liberty was steadily maintained. Whatever might be her policy nearer home, in the colonies the English Government in the eighteenth century uniformly opposed the efforts of any one sect to oppress the others. The circumstances and traditions of the colonists had made them extremely impatient of every kind of authority, but there is no reason for doubting that they were animated by a real attachment to England.

    Their commercial intercourse, under the restrictions of the Navigation Law, was mainly with her. Their institutions, their culture, their religion, their ideas were derived from English sources. They had a direct interest in the English war against France and Spain. It had been made by men who were wholly beyond the range of their influence, yet they had gained incomparably more by it than any other portion of the Empire. The patriotism of the colonies indeed attracted them far more to England than to each other. Small groups of colonies were no doubt drawn together by a natural affinity, but there was no common colonial government, and they were in general at least as jealous of each other as of England.