The Law of Realization

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Self-Realization is an Ultimate Consequences, for All Your Actions

It is one of the three principles for defining income under the seminal case in this area of tax law, Commissioner v. Glenshaw Glass Co. Bruun , in which the court explains that "the realization of gain need not be in cash derived from the sale of an asset. Gain may occur as a result of exchange of property, payment of the taxpayer's indebtedness, relief from a liability, or other profit realized from the completion of a transaction. Also, finding something of value can be a realization trigger, as the case of Cesarini v.

United States demonstrates. Realization is generally straightforward, but there are instances at the margins in which the moment of realization can be tricky. One example of a tricky realization situation that has given rise to substantial debate is the 62nd home run ball hit by Mark McGwire. The ball was retrieved by a grounds crewman, Tim Forneris.

Do either McGwire or Forneris have gross income? Do not selfishly seek anything from others; if you have no expectations , then what can people take from you? No one can hurt me because I have no ambition except for God. I wish anger on no man, and no one can provoke me by a display of anger. So strive to be peaceful, self-controlled, and sincere.

Otherwise, the wrong behavior will negate the propitious effects of meditation. Every spiritual thought you think will be your eternal friend. And every evil inclination you acquire will be your enemy for a long, long time; it will pursue you until you slay it. Remember that. I am pointing out to you the step-by-step methods to God. First, free yourself from wrong thoughts and habits. Second, establish good habits and perform good deeds. Then comes pranayama control of prana or life force , techniques for calming the body and mind, breath and heartbeat. Pranayama is the primary art of realization.

You cannot find God unless you can master the mortal breath.

"...improve our knowing"

Breath ties the mind to the sense plane. As your breath becomes calm, your mind goes within. Practice pranayama and you will know how to meditate—how to perceive God and be one with Him. The interiorization of the mind that comes through pranayama is called pratyahara. That is the next step: The consciousness is turned within, away from the senses.

See a Problem?

Then true meditation begins. When your attention is freed from distractions of breath and body and outer sensations, it is able to focus single-pointedly on God. That is called dharana, concentration, the sixth step on the eightfold yoga path. In the inner stillness, one hears the mighty voice of Spirit as Aum, the Word or Amen. As you listen to and merge in that great, comforting Cosmic Vibration, the consciousness expands with it into all space.

That is dhyana, meditation on the conception of the magnitude of God. And as the concentration and perception of meditation becomes deeper, one reaches the ultimate state, samadhi, in which the meditator, the process of meditation, and the object of meditation God merge in oneness. In samadhi, you know by direct experience that God and you are One. Most people think of heaven as a glorious land of angels, with streets paved with gold; or as a place of exceeding pleasure with laughing-eyed girls serving banquets on golden platters. Man idealizes according to the nature of his desires—his overall level of consciousness.

I think that if a fish could speak to us, his conception of heaven would be a place where there is lots of water and food-filled coral reefs! But the real heaven is more transcendently beautiful than any conception of your imagination. It is oneness with the Infinite Consciousness; indescribable, eternal Bliss. In that heaven of Cosmic Consciousness God is calling us.

The Law of Realization

When possible and appropriate, developing countries with more advanced capabilities in food safety-related areas are encouraged to lend assistance to less advanced developing countries. States may wish to promote gardens both at home and at school as a key element in combating micronutrient deficiencies and promoting healthy eating. States may also consider adopting regulations for fortifying foods to prevent and cure micronutrient deficiencies, in particular of iodine, iron and Vitamin A.

Such measures should be made in the educative and infrastructure fields, especially in rural households. States should strive to ensure that budget cuts do not negatively affect access to adequate food among the poorest sections of society. States should develop and identify corrective measures to be implemented both immediately and progressively to provide access to adequate food.

Realization # 1 - The Law Of Attraction

Effective accountability and administrative systems are essential to prevent leakages and corruption. Factors to take into account include household and individual assets and income, nutrition and health status, as well as existing coping mechanisms. As far as possible, and with due regard to effectiveness and coverage, States should consider building on existing capacities within communities at risk to provide the necessary resources for social safety and food safety nets to fulfil the progressive realization of the right to adequate food.

States may wish to consider the benefits of procuring locally.

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Safety nets should be linked to other complementary interventions that promote food security in the longer term. Food assistance should be provided with the fullest possible participation of those affected, and such food should be nutritionally adequate and safe, bearing in mind local circumstances, dietary traditions and cultures.

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Essential complementary activities include access to clean water and sanitation, health care interventions and nutrition education activities. In this context, donor States should provide assistance in a manner that takes into account food safety, the importance of not disrupting local food production and the nutritional and dietary needs and cultures of recipient populations.

Food aid should be provided with a clear exit strategy and avoid the creation of dependency. Donors should promote increased use of local and regional commercial markets to meet food needs in famine-prone countries and reduce dependence on food aid.

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  • The Law of Realization: What "The Secret" Didn't Tell You About The Law of Attraction.
  • The Law of Realization: What "The Secret" Didn't Tell You About The Law of Attraction!
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In this respect, States and other relevant stakeholders should be encouraged to make use of the Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement when dealing with situations of internal displacement. Early warning systems should be based on international standards and cooperation, on reliable, disaggregated data and should be constantly monitored.