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My hope was that each story could stand on its own while complementing and complicating other narratives linked to it. I wanted to suggest how the war not only affects those directly involved in the fighting, but how it also winds its way into family and friendships, into the tourist industry and the economic life of the country.

But there are moments of lightness and buoyancy in the book too. In other stories, families welcome befuddled volunteers into their homes and treat them with care and openness.

The Beach at Galle Road

The landscape itself brings moments of peace and pause. The resilience of friendship, family, community, and love is layered throughout the stories. And sometimes revenge can be seen as a good thing, right? Yes, some happy things.

Joanna Luloff | Lighthouse Writers Workshop

Soon, it will be ice skating season again. She worked as a Peace Corps volunteer in Sri Lanka from to The Beach at Galle Road is her first book. TAGS: collection of stories , interview , joanna luloff , linked stories , new book , self-interview , the beach at galle road , TNB self-interviews. Filed Under: Press, Writing […]. I have read the book and truly enjoyed it. I am also a former Peace Corps volunteer, so I found the book particularly engaging and honest.

Thank you, Joanna Luloff for sharing. And thanks TNB for creating the forum, and letting me respond. Your email address will not be published. You were once irritated by a writing instructor who told you he wanted to smell the curry more in your stories about Sri Lanka.

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  • THE BEACH AT GALLE ROAD by Joanna Luloff | Kirkus Reviews.

How do you make a good Sri Lankan lentil curry? Your book is called The Beach at Galle Road. How do you pronounce that?

Joanna Luloff

Well, beach rhymes with reach. No, I meant Galle. Galle rhymes with ball. Is there really a Galle Road in Sri Lanka? And what about that beach? Quick — three things you love about Sri Lanka. Members: None.

THE MIRISSA STORY- Best beach in Sri Lanka ?

Add to favorites. Related tags. Events on LibraryThing Local. Northshire Bookstore , Thursday, October 11, at 7pm. Join us as Andrew McKeever, managing editor of the Manchester Journal, talks to her about how the lives of Sri Lankan natives and American Peace Corps workers intersect during a time of change and crisis in this accomplished collection of interconnected stories—a debut by an immensely talented young writer.

Skillfully weaving together the stories of these and other intersecting lives, The beach at Galle Road explores themes of memory and identity amid the consequences of the Sri Lankan civil war. From different points of view, across generations and geographies, it pits the destructive power of war against the resilient power of family, individual will, and the act of storytelling itself. She worked as a Peace Corps volunteer in Sri Lanka from to As an adult, the more time I spend reading books and magazine articles about faraway places, the more I see that people, no matter where they live, actually have a lot in common.

Several books on my nightstand address this notion—that on the surface we may seem different from each other, but actually, we are quite similar. The Hummingbird's Daughter by Luis Alberto Urrea is set in Mexico in the late s, and one of the central themes of the book is that we all suffer: young and old, rich and poor.

In River Town , Peter Hessler, one of the first Peace Corps volunteers to Fuling, China, is able to connect with his students through literature, even though they have been indoctrinated by the Communist Party all their lives. The most recent addition to this stack of books set in faraway lands—the collections I'm reviewing below—will have you convinced, I hope, that characters from distant lands may at first seem unrecognizable, but if you stay a while, if you read a little further, you will see that they are actually quite familiar.

Roxane Gay's debut collection, Ayiti , brings together fifteen stories connected by the geography of Haiti. Gay's characters range from a just-off-the-boat teenager trying to navigate the treachery of high school in the United States to a lovesick young Haitian woman desperate for a love potion to a Haitian American living in Michigan, among many others. Some stories are a few paragraphs long; others go on for pages, years. The variety of stories—some are [End Page ] letters; some are told in an anonymous collective voice; some read like confessions—defies easy categorization.

Suspend Your Disbelief

Gay's book was published by a small publisher, Artistically Declined Press, so the size thin and cover unassuming and general lack of fanfare might lead readers, especially those unaware of Gay's online presence, to believe this collection doesn't