Souls Triumphant: A Novel

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The book is beautifully illustrated and the writing thoughtful and inspiring.

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God saw everything that was made, and indeed, it was very good. Buy now on Amazon. Buy now on Forward Movement. An absolutely amazing book. I will cherish forever. Terry Martzon.

A Triumph of Souls (Original Painting)

James C. Susan Reeve. Bishop Greg Rickel. You are no longer a child, Becky.

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She had not intended to whine — she never whined. Mother married you when she was the same age. David Benbrook looked confused, then thrust aside his sorrow and laughed with her. She was so quick and pretty that he could seldom resist her. Rebecca turned back to the window, not ignoring him but listening with only half her attention.

Now that her father had reminded her of the terrible peril in which they stood she felt the cold claws of dread in the pit of her stomach as she looked across the river. Yet menace emanated from them as fiercely as the heat from the sun. She could imagine him sitting at the centre of his web, gazing hungrily across the river at them, a fanatic with a quenchless thirst for human blood. Soon he and his minions would come for them. Think of the babies. They are your babies now. My duty is here. I have a sacred trust. My place is here in Khartoum.

His hair was still thick and springing under her fingers, but shot through with more silver than sable. He sighed and gathered himself to protest further, but at that moment a shrill chorus of childish shrieks rang through the open window. They stiffened. They knew those voices, and they struck at both their hearts.

Rebecca started across the room, and David sprang up from his desk. Then they relaxed as the cries came again and they recognized the tone as excitement, not terror.

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At the far end a circular staircase wound up the interior of the turret. Rebecca lifted her petticoats and ran up the steps, nimble and sure-footed, her father following more sedately. She came out into the blazing sunlight on the upper balcony of the turret. The twins were dancing perilously close to the low parapet.

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  • Rebecca seized one in each hand and drew them back. She looked down from the height of the consular palace. The minarets and rooftops of Khartoum were spread below.

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    Both branches of the Nile were in full view for miles in each direction. Wild and headstrong as a boy.

    She was dainty and fair, with a melodious timbre to her voice even when she was excited. All three stared eagerly up the White Nile at the pretty white steamboat coming down on the current. Saffron looked up at Rebecca with a wicked glint in those honey eyes. She saw that Saffron was right. At least two of the barges were piled high with sacks of dhurra, the staple grain of the Sudan.

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