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Perhaps, it is a rare political case where the ruling party runs the government on a pattern of election campaign and election sloganeering to cover its own incompetence.

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But for how long? Nawaz knew better than anyone else about the limitations of the patrons as well as the installed government, thereby going into a silent mode which has proved its viability now.

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In the first quarter, the contours were defining where the government was going. And now in the third quarter of its first year it stands exposed.

The forthcoming budget and ensuing economic hardships may wane the remaining thin veneer. Prospectively, Nawaz learnt an important political lesson, particularly since vital political compromises, as committed by Benazir Bhutto in the form of the NRO, are more detrimental and dangerous than resistance.

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He also knows that such political deals boomeranged and could be used against the politicians in case of slight deviation. But save from a total ignominious political exit or physical annihilation, there is temporary hardship in resistance, as Nawaz is presently facing. The recent change in the organisational structure of party indicates that Nawaz is still in resistance mode and has not succumbed to in-house pressure or persuasion for a deal or compromise.

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His first victory was the neutralisation of Ch Nisar and Shahbaz factors from the party without major cracks. The strategy of the Nisar and Shahabaz duo torpedoed the political consensus by helping the militablishment, pushing the PPP to the wall in Sindh, thus widening the mistrust between the two political parties.

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Though, Bilawal tried to control the damage and initiate some confidence building measures by visiting Nawaz Sharif in jail, keeping in mind the treacherous political history, it has yet to be seen how much that could bridge the gap. In the aftermath of his visit to Nawaz Sharif in jail, Bilawal stressed the need to reemphasis the Charter of Democracy CoD , which is a call of the time.

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However, this also needs a renewed commitment not to use democracy as a cover for getting power crumbs. Instead, the primary consideration should be the need to make sacrifices for the cause of democracy. Search Now. Add Event. Email Print.

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