Mudlarking: Thames Estuary Cruising Yarns

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When a beam trawl is seen out passed through government and made law. Now I start from scratch. What a waste. The local temperature from the sewers? Instead of which we superheat the rocky bottom may take place, but storms for half that money, recycled the money river creating an unnatural and damaging also move rocks. There is evidence that within the fishing industry and would have environment.

The value of TEP is as a neutral forum, bringing together representatives of a diverse range of interests, as we have seen today. It was clear, from all the information that was passed, that maintaining the status quo is not itself an option. Action has to be taken, first in the shorter-term areas of improving access, protecting the natural world, promoting commerce and connecting communities.

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She is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering. What can he mean? Professor Jim Ro Royal Holloway, Un se of of London, explaineiversity A coming-together East Anglia sits on d that washed down the Thgravel of great talent, vast ames from Wales, millions of years experience and ago. We enjoy not just a general membership but the input of people relevant questions: who are actively engaged, people at the The Thames Gateway is a geograph- How does the idea of an top of their professions. It means that ic, social and economic feature on our estuary airport this affect the complexity of the challenges and landscape.

The range of interest your work programme? If it went Pre s i d e n t , TEP Thames, the answer is sure to lie with beyond a wish and became a serious someone in this audience. Eugene Dreyer Thames Gateway. We are facing some Consultation Terry Farrell and A s s o c i a t e s major crises. The issue of climate is key, change is an ever present reality.

Olympic site is Natural England Two of our found.

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We are com- colleagues: mitted to re-invigor- Everything we have heard today one in ating the waterways, reminds us that this is a really com- Suffolk, one not just within the plex system. We keep using the word in Dorset, Olympic Park, but partnership, and in the past couple of did trials on this, and they came up around and outside it, years I think we have all started work- with more questions than answers. That has meant How secure do you feel in Richard Jackson compromises and thinking things the coming year or two?

ODA pictured left through differently. We need to carry Jill has been in post for a little more on doing that. She is also the River for commerce, industry and Environment A g e n c y committed to improving also for wildlife. Fundamental princi- communication work.

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The neutral ple is to give PLA and RSPB the chance Not a lot of people think positively service of project managing brings in to understand more about each other about the North Kent landscape. But an additional income. PLA partnership working is essential. We hope you had the opportunity to Maintaining the status quo here is not try a serving of fish and chips during The Conservation Management an option.

We continue to seek the the lunch break. You will be pleased to Framework is a living, breathing evidence base to refine our visions, know that the associated food chain document that will be revised as inform our decisions and review our was refreshingly short: Paul Gilson required to reflect progress and legisla- scale of thinking.

Please do the potatoes used to make the so, and we will see you back at the RGS for another great occasion. We hope to The keynote address was see you back here again in the audience! As well as hearing excellent presentations, members of the audience were encouraged to engage in debate and discussion during the three open sessions.

Port of London Authority The Port of London Authority PLA supports the essential role of the Thames in modern life by keeping the river open and clear for navigation, working to facilitate the safety of river users, promoting use of the river and pro- tecting its unique marine environment. The authority, which celebrates its centenary in , looks after 95 miles of tidal river, from Teddington in west London out to the North Sea. It quickly became clear to me that the Thames Estuary Partnership is an enti- If you stole out of the ty of national standing and significance.

Mudlarking: Thames Estuary Cruising Yarns

As the experienced dredging and marine contracting company in Forum coincided with the the UK. It operates in all sectors of the UK market, main- th anniversary of one taining and developing ports and waterways, providing services and materials for sea defences, reclamation schemes of the Battle of Trafalgar, and specialist services to the oil, gas and water industries. Jim treated those of us Westminster's fleet of dredgers and support equipment is, who stayed behind to a for the most part, permanently based in the UK thereby moody account of minimising response times and mobilisation costs.

We have 4D simulations, and can fly around scenes. The key point is to integrate terrestrial the breaktime buzz scanning into our scenes and visualisa- tions to give us a coherent, seamless approach. Improving on our positional systems is something that technology is always pushing. The more accurate we can be, the more confident we can be. However, data is only as good as the surveyor acquiring it. Alex Mortley Surveying the Thames We will be making a long-term invest- ment of our endowment.

We do not try to displace the Dagenham community. If you look at the whole life costing of this project in the long- term, it represents best value for money. Euan Hall The Land Restoration Trust To manage flood risk to the end of the century, we will need to raise the river walls. How can we better integrate our own flood risk management schemes into the overall estuary landscape?

One of its most living example of what happens to a distinctive features has been broken up wooden vessel when it sinks. A perfect and carted away. A shipwreck called The example of 'natural colonisation'. At the lower a feature in Deptford Creek for a decade marsh level, Algae, Water Starwort and and a half. She sank in the nineties and Water Pepperwort had made their became a popular local landmark and a home.

At middle marsh and upper source of perpetual fascination and inspi- marsh levels, plants such as Hemlock ration to the children and adults who Water Dropwort, Clustered Dock and walk up the Creek. On Monday 24 and Garden Angelica grew in wild abandon. Tuesday 25 August, she was broken up Higher and dryer parts of the wreck and removed.

She was brought initially to became a home for mud dwellers. Grey Greenwich by Steve McFadden around Wagtails foraged for food on her and before he found fame as an actor she served up bounteously. She had in Eastenders. Here he met Julian become an island in the stream and Kingston, who has lived on a boat in home to communities of plants and ani- mals.

Her youth and maturity we know Deptford Creek for years, and told him mals. A great source of inspiration and not of.

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We only knew her in decline. But how he bought her down from Scotland hope. The wild environment can recov- what a decline it was. She hadn't yet along the east coast using an AA Road er even in Deptford just as long as we reached her peak. Over the years we have Atlas for navigation. She was berthed at recognise it and value it. Spread out on the Creek on the Greenwich waterfront. Now, the Creek were commissioned to caulk On Tuesday 25 August, just after midday, there are more cranes on the banks of the boat. Only one side was completed as we were walking up the Creek, we Deptford Creek than there have been before money ran out and work ceased.

We since the Creek was a working river. They She sank and settled on the beach at rounded the bend in the river. And we make towers that will bring thousands of Dreadnought Wharf. On land, wildness is being In the mid nineties, Alf Harman, who has the last timbers of the Dowager from designed out of the environment. Will kept boats in the Creek for many years, the mud and loading them onto one of these new people value the Creek or bought her. To refloat her, Alf pumped the barges. An ignominious end to one want to see it cleansed and sterilised?

Ed had a comment about it when we was out, he pumped the water out and The carcass was removed from the talked in the Creek. He pointed at where refloated her. He then brought her up into Creek to be taken we know not where. His first Deptford Creek and set about restoring She lies somewhere.

Under sentence was a word and that word was her. During a power cut, the pumps an English Heaven.

Mudlarking Thames Estuary Cruising Yarns by Ardley, Nick Paperback Book

Alf then sold her A rich source of imaginings of pirates, She died on a foreign shore in a rich mud and she settled down into the Creek. Washed by rivers she gave, sters. Not good. But this is once, her flowers to love. Worse things happen at land. She is gone. She became a habitat for a abundance and she became a vital Gone Home. I first became interested in this topic Sixth form student regeneration at the heart of its plans, the when it was announced in that ultimate goal is to present a two-week London had won the Olympic bid.

Gabby Cummins asks sporting event to the world. After all, social indicators the enormity of the challenge struck me. The new jobs' in the Lower Lea Valley area Olympics cannot put taxpayers into principles.