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In their submission the beverage association and Coca-Cola pushed these numbers up to between 62, and 72, In fact, the study had made no explicit reference to bottled water, but had in fact observed that. The above examples represent a small selection of the techniques we identified.

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Taken in isolation they may not seem that serious. YorkTalks — York, York.

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Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Corporations misused evidence to manipulate health policy. The analysis Our analysis built on a method used to evaluate evidence use by tobacco companies.

For example, Coca-Cola reported that a review by two researchers from Harvard School of Public Health had concluded that there is limited evidence that consumers do not reduce their calorie intake to offset calories consumed in liquid form. Read more: Sugary drinks tax is working — now it's time to target cakes, biscuits and snacks We also uncovered creative accounting.

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A good story is told to show how, though driving a keen bargain, he was careful not to misrepresent. On this point we must be careful not to misunderstand or misrepresent Mr.

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No battle is ever fought that it is not for somebody's interest to misrepresent. You misunderstand or misrepresent the value of these statistics. Words related to misrepresent misinterpret , confuse , exaggerate , overstate , skew , misstate , distort , disguise , falsify , pervert , color , cloak , twist , dress , prevaricate , angle , stretch , equivocate , snow , pirate.

Words nearby misrepresent misread , misreckon , misredemption , misremember , misreport , misrepresent , misrule , misrun , miss , miss a beat , miss by a mile.

'Seriously damaging': ASIO says advice on border security was misrepresented

Misrepresent usually involves a deliberate intention to deceive, either for profit or advantage: The dealer misrepresented the condition of the car. Show less.

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  • Close Thesaurus. Synonyms and related words. To tell lies and deceive people: misspeak , deceive , make up Explore Thesaurus.

    Misrepresenting Mental Health - 13 Reasons Why

    Mistakes: fail , miscommunication , error