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Print this article. A Preppy, like the peeling of an onion layer upon layer well uncover what makes Preppy tick. It made sense that his body was built for sin. Because the hold Samual Clearwater had over me was something straight from the depths of hell. His clothes consist of pastels and suspenders, a nerd you'd likely encounter at your local library hunched over a library book, BUT look again, Upon first glance, the guy was as scary as the Easter Bunny.

Look again, closer and you'll see more clearly. Until I saw it. It was a spark. Just a glint of depravity lurking behind his amber eyes. Going into this book and knowing that it's written in Preppy's own words you know it's not going to be light and fluffy, because thats not Preppy though he is a walking contradiction. His past is dark, gritty, and I think that's what Dre and him have in common, her darkness and secrets calls to that side of himself, the side he tries to keep hidden, but now and then you'll catch a glimpse of it.

View all 15 comments. I want to thank you for creating this book.

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I want to thank you for gifting me an early copy of this book because release day wasn't soon enough for me I've got a copy on pre-order to add to my Frazierland collection. You have the incredible knack of creating lovable bastards and bishes. Thank you for breathing life back into my most beloved character, Preppy. I love all of the men, but with Preppy There was everything to love about this book. Andrea Dre. Preppy's sarcasm. His mind. His quirks. His sweetness.

His scariness. His pain and his triumphs.

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This book was full of many small, wonderful moments that amounted to a beautiful story. There are times when I've dived into a much loved series where I was disappointed. I really wasn't sure what to expect. Was it going to be Preppy's POV of what already took place? Or would it be something new, fresh and unique?

Obviously I went into this blind.

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I didn't want to spoil my experience with what was being said on social media. The author gave me what I was looking for and I'm extremely grateful. Told through flashbacks and in real time, the reader sees the little and big picture. We fall in love with Dre, a junkie trying to clean up her act, but Preppy definitely stole the show. His character in this book stayed true to who we all know and love. Bowtie til I die for real. There's the requisite killing and angst and intensely hot sex.

Who knew how incredibly hot sexually Preppy was??? Well, I know now. So freaking hot!! But I digress. This book was about so much more than that. It was about life and death, desperation, hopelessness, grief, guilt, finding redemption, and falling unexpectedly in love. We get a real look into what makes Preppy tick.

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Although we got some of his background through King, the picture is much clearer when received through Preppy. Honestly, this book made me even more of a Preppy fan girl. Not sure how that's even possible because I was already a tad bit obsessive. Anyone who knows me can tell you that he's always been my fave. Yes, I do love them all, but he has determinedly found a way to stand out. It's the personality that this character embodies.

The sarcasm and the quick wit mixed with the charming and the psycho.

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Freaking bloody and fantastic! I love my men dark and twisted with a sense of humour and a dash of the debonair. This book barely satisfied me because I need more!! Dammit it's like feeding an obese man some salad. Preppy Part II cannot come fast enough for me. Nuff said! View all 30 comments. And you know what happened?

I was ruined again!. I'm just me. I say what I want to fuckingsay. I do what I want to fucking do and I don't fucking apologize for it.

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Andrea a. With a heroin addiction that's taking over every aspect of her life, being beaten black and blue, she's well on her way to Screw Ville Ave with no other passengers but herself. At one of the lowest points in her life, she's rescued by the tatted up bow tie wearing, Preppy. But Dre is about to learn that there's more than meets the eye when it comes to him and fear is a feature that he craves off of. With a messed up childhood that no amount of therapy can cure, to say Preppy is not normal is a huge understatement.

He sees things differently, his sexual appetite is more on the dark side and he gives zero effs what you think about him. But the one thing he cares about are his two best friends King and Bear who would do anything for each other. So when he meets Dre, he notices that foreign feeling of wanting to protect her but make no mistake, he's still Preppy. And PAIN is his middle name. I loved how Tracy incorporated the past and present for this story. I think everyone wanted to know exactly what happened to Preppy in the past and how he survived the capture.

But my only issue is that I would've liked more detail into those things and as much as I loved Preppy I really do he felt kind of tamed. I was expecting him to be a little bit more darker so when I saw those brief glimpses of his dark side, I paid more attention and I reveled in it. Now as for the ending? Thank you for making my pressure go up Tracy!! You'll be receiving my bill shortly.

If you're a fan of this series, you really don't want to miss out on this one. View 2 comments. Oct 17, Beverly rated it it was amazing.

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I started out thinking this guy is hilarious and I love funny, but I also love broken characters and Preppy is damaged. When I read this book I was in awe of how much I could really love a character.