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Pigs in Heaven Summary When Pigs in Heaven was published in , Barbara Kingsolver was already a well-established and successful author. Study Pack. Pigs in Heaven Study Guide Introduction. Author Biography. Plot Summary. Chapter Summaries.

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Copyright Information. The animals wonder what to do with the milk, but Napoleon puts off that decision for a later time.

The animals begin the harvest in the fields, and when they return the milk is gone. All the animals can learn "Beasts of England," but only those smart enough can truly assume the revolutionary spirit and the task of preparing for the Rebellion. The pigs become the organizers very quickly. It is important to note two things about their rise to power.

First, the pigs have not always been in charge of the other animals, though later in the book when the pigs are so thoroughly demonized, Orwell makes it hard for the animals—and the reader—to remember that. But they are superior by nature—or at least by tradition—when it comes to intelligence. They take on the task of organization because of their reputed superiority rather than a desire to take control for themselves. If Snowball and Napoleon represent the organizers of Communism, then the other pigs represent those of the Russian intelligentsia who became involved in the revolutionary cause.

The Seven Commandments represent Communism in its theoretical, idealized form. Like any new theory, Animalism is met with doubt and opposition. Historically, many of the Russian elite were unwilling to give up their privileges, just as Mollie is loath to give up ribbons, sugar, or being petted.

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Like Mollie, they became expatriates in capitalist societies where they could retain their advantages this was a particularly wise move, considering what had happened to the nobility during the French Revolution. Moses also presents a challenge to Animalism, just as religion presented a challenge to Communism.

Historically, Stalin used intimidation and force to crush religion and promote atheism in the Soviet Union. However, despite their efforts to promote their ideas over those of Moses, the leadership of Animal Farm allows Moses to come and go as he pleases. The struggles and inconsistencies of Animalism as practiced can be made softer by belief in an animal heaven to be enjoyed later. The air is ripe for revolution, and the animals seize the opportunity to run Jones off his own land.

The story, however, does not need a one-to-one correspondence with history, and Orwell can make his points more crisply by adapting the history to his carefully crafted allegory. Although the animals live happily for a while, it is important to note that the pigs have begun their clandestine and elitist activities already. When the pigs take the milk for themselves, the reader knows that this is the beginning of a new round of subjugation and oppression by an elite.

Animal Farm. What ideals is Boxer continuing to work and fight for so diligently even in his fragile old age? But the young farmer would soon become acquainted with two other facts: Assumptions are often wrong, and projections are always wrong.

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