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Faqueran, public administrator. At the general election in the following votes were cast in Livingston county: For supreme judges the conservatives polled votes and the radicals, For circuit judge J. McFerran, Cons. Clark, radical, Clark's majority in other precincts elected him. For state senator, A. Harris, Cons.

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Pratt, radical, The presidential election of , in which George B. McClellan and George H. Pendleton were running mates on the democratic ticket and Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson headed the republican ticket, resulted in the following vote in the county: For President - Lincoln, ; McClellan, For Governor — Thos. Fletcher, R. Price, D. For Congressman - H.

Branch, R. Loan, Rad. For Representative - J.

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McMillen, R. Sherman, D. For Sheriff - Garrison Harker, R. For County Clerk - B. Wiley, ; R. Williams, Loan, R. Hawley, D. For State Senator, J.

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Ellis, of Livingston, R. Ballew, of Grundy, D. For Representative - S. Deland, R. For Sheriff, Garrison Harker, R. Williams, D. For Circuit Clerk - Z.

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Swain, D. Wilson, D, Anthony Rogers and N. Matson were elected county judges; J. Trumbo, treasurer; John T. Moss, assessor; W. Hildreth, superintendent of schools; J. Toppass, supervisor of registration. The election returns of the county for follows: For Representative - R. Moore, R. For Sheriff - John P.

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Toppass, R. Harris, D. For County Judge - D. Rohrer, R. Other county officers elected were: J. Trumbo, treasurer; F. Hicks, supervisor of registration; J. Roberts, county superintendent; E. Park, surveyor; H. Pollard, public administrator; William S. Anderson assessor; Bluford West, coroner; all republicans. The political campaign of was exciting and hard fought. For Congress - J. Ellis, of Livingston, Lib. Parker, Rad. For Rep representative - Robert S.

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Moore, Lib. For Sheriff - R. Graham, Lib. Toppass, Rad. For Circuit Clerk - Chas.

Berry, Lib. Alexander, Rad. For Common Pleas Judge - E. Marsh, Rad. Following was the vote cast in the county at the presidential election of November, In this election the late Hon. Mansur was a candidate for congress on the democratic ticket with Hon. Ira Hyde, of Mercer county, a stanch republican, opposing, the latter being elected by a large majority. Henderson, 1, For State Senator - E. Broaddus, 1,; M. Williams, of Carrollton, 1, Cadle, 1,; Judson El Cole, 1, Toppass, 1, At a special election to choose members of the county court to be composed of four judges and one at large, held on the 29th of April, , the count resulted as follows, democrats being named first: At large — R.

Williams, 1,; J. Terwillger, Second district — Mooresville and Jackson townships — Adam Black, ; John Hudgins, ; both candidates were democrats at the time. The election of and the vote in the county was as follows: For Governor — Hardin, 1,; Gentry, 1, For Congress — DeBolt, 1,; Hyde, 1, For Circuit Judge — E. Broaddus, Dem. Water, Rad. Clark, Ind. For Representative — H. Ireland, 1,; H. B, Saylor, Rad. For Sheriff — S. Harris, 1,; E.

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Packer, Rad. Roe, Rad. For County Clerk — J. Middleton, 1,; A. Walker, Rad. For Treasurer and Collector, J. Minteer, 1,; H. Hammond, Rad. In the presidential election of , Livingston county gave Tilden, Dem. For Congress — DeBolt, Dem. Other candidates received the following votes: For State Senator — G. Newman, D.