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How was Abraham true in faith?

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His deeds were pleasing to God. The Lord does not consider one's caste, social position, color, community, nationality or religious affiliation. It is the purity of our motives in our thoughts and actions when dealing with others that satisfy Him. Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac and Jacob and their offspring had passed away. They achieved the ultimate success by pleasing the Lord with their actions. One who really loves them should follow in their footsteps. A comparative study between Vedic tradition and the Koran is a helpful step towards cross-cultural appreciation.

This study is not only meant to deepen one's own tradition but also hopes to promote harmony, unity and peace between individuals in the world. A basic knowledge of both traditions is awaiting the reader who will be surprised to discover that the Vedic tradition very much parallels the Islamic teachings.

Within this book both scriptures are carefully examined with sobriety and scholarship. I truly hope that this study will help those sincere souls who are in search of the absolute truth. Rasamandala das ingeniously cites verses with the same teachings from both scriptures. Thus he provides a middle ground for brotherhood and acceptance under the worship of God. One small step for mankind and a giant step for spiritual harmony. Neeskens B. Formats Softcover.

Islam and the Vedas: The Koran and Vedic literatures Reconciled

Book Details. So how anything related to Islam can appear in any of Hindu scriptures? What about that? It even mentions about Kolkata city!

Obviously, it is re-written till late 19th century. Bhavishya Purana radically changed during the period of Aurangaseb and Akbar. It does not even come in category of evidence, when it comes to Hindu religion. It is at best a frivolous non-serious text. Kalki is born with four hands! Did Muhammad have four hands? Shambala is accessible only to accomplished yogis and Siddha purushas.

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Muhammad had 11 wives, but none in the name of Padmawati. Kalki worshipped Shiva to get a Sword. Did Muhammad do like that? By cleaning the earth He has to establish Dharma and the Satyayuga will start again.

Bhavishya Purana upholds worship of different idols, avoidance of meat, celibacy, shraadh, prohibition of marriage among close relatives, agnihotra, holy places, cow protection etc. Let him propagate that. Islam believes that he is the last messenger of God. As per Mohammed there is no God but Allah. Even Jesus, Abraham were Prophets not Gods. As per Hindu scriptures, Kalki is not a messenger of God. He is the incarnate of God himself. So by calling Prophet Muhammad an avatar, you elevate him as god because as per Hinduism, all avatars of Lord Vishnu are gods.

This is against the teachings of Islam. Hence Prophet Muhammad is not Kalki avatar. In fact, devoted Muslims must answer why Zakir was insulting their Prophet. There are hundreds of concepts in Hindu literature or school of thoughts those talks about God. Vedic concept of God is different from that of Upanishads.

Puranic concept is still different from others. Even Dwaita and Adwaita concepts are different.

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Each sect has different God concepts. The concept of God is essentially a human creation. It was derived from human imagination. You can choose any concept that you like. Udayji, what concept of God you follow? I pray to many Gods.

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Only our mind does. And mind is a creation of inputs and conditioning. Our ancestors told us to follow Varna Dharma, not religions and castes. January 11, January 21, June 23, Did you read your Vedas thats is the questions.. It is same with Islam.. Prophet Muhammad is not the founded of Islam.

Nowhere Quran are bible says Muhammad is founder of Islam. Prophet Muhammad is only last and final prophet of Islam not first prophet or founder of Islam. There were prophets of Islam n the first human who set foot on earth was prophet Adam and Adam was the first prophet of Islam n Adam was the founder of Islam. Prophet Muhammad is only last and final prophet of Islam not first prophet. Islam came since time immemorial, since the first man who set foot on earth.

The first human who set foot on earth was prophet adam and Adam was the first prophet of Islam n adam was the founder of Islam. B4 Islam there was no human. First human is adam and adam was the founder of Islam. You are a lair i request all to go and directly read vedas this man who is so stupid…. R u idiot?

Similarities in Islam and Vedas

Yajurved says chapter 32 verse 3 Natsya pritima asti Of that god there is no image he is image less. Bhagwat geeta chapter 10 shlok 3 Says who knows me unborn he is only wise believer. I saw another video of zakir….