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Consider this, the ultimate lover. Each one knew nothing about the other.

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But the one in Miami was involved with a criminal mastermind. Unaware of the situation, she does her regular job as usual. In California, she goes to karate class where she meets the champion who is secretly bilingual. After a fine jostling, he gets the surprise of his life. After thwarting a hijacking, she has her "coming out" party.

The funny part during the interview is when has her "news flash". This one is subtle, still true to its name. At least she didn't wear a cape and fly all over the US looking for love. That would be too corny! SnoopyStyle 1 April True Joyce Jillson is plain Jane unisex stewardess until she changes into her blonde bombshell alter-ego Superchick.

In NYC, she has a older wealthy man.

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In Miami, she has the young buck who is in debt to a bad criminal element. In LA, she has a musician. And on a flight, she hooks up with a soldier who's been stuck in Guantanamo Bay for 2 years. This is a bad sexploitation. In some rare movies, there is some campy fun to watching sexploitation.

This is not one of those rare movies. This is simply bad. It is unwatchable for most of the movie. The biggest assets that Joyce Jillson has are those two up front. The acting is horribly stiff. The plot is stupid. The writing is clunky.

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And it is bad in all the boring ways. The cause of feminism was a big one in the 70's and Hollywood is always one who'll gladly try to cash-in on any cause-du-jour. It's too bad that "Superchick" does such a lackluster job in doing that.

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Perennial t. She's the ultimate swinging 70's icon of the modern woman. A stewardess by trade, she has men in every port of call and never passes up the fun of a good time. But when one of her beaus gets her involved with a plot to hijack her flight, she busts out some heavy-duty karate action to stop them! With a plot that preposterous, you'd think there's a lot of funny hijinks to be had. You'd be wrong.

This exploitation sex comedy never really gets out of first gear. Most of the attempts at humor just don't work. What is passed off as clever and hip, is actually just boring and tedious.

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A scene where Tara almost gets busted at a pot party, is a prime example. She tries to play an innocent act, but it's so over the top ridiculous that you think she'd get arrested for bad overacting.

This Guy Hid from His Boss All Day (You’ll Never Guess How) - Hidden in Plain Sight #1

A lot of the humor in the film ends up the same way. One of the rare moments it doesn't, is the scene with the flasher played by Gus Peters. It's one of the very few moments that will actually bring a chuckle or two. Sadly, moments like that are very few and far in-between. Pretty much a kiss of death for a film of this kind.

But the problems here don't just rest with an unfunny script. Most of the actors just don't get to develop any connection with the audience. To call them ciphers to "Superchick" would be to insult non-entities everywhere. Even such well-known quantities, like Uschi Digard playing a lesbian porn star and John Carradine as a perverted has-been horror actor, look to be just phoning it in. There's no spark or interest in any of the performances at all. And for a film that is rooted in the "sexploitation" genre, there is very little in the way of nudity presented with most of that given by Uschi Digard in one single scene.

It's a sexploitation film with very little of a sexual component to it. Many PG films today have more raunchiness to them. And as for the plane hijacking plot, by the time we reach the climax of that, your interest is likely to have wandered into thinking about anything else. Even the karate fight lacks any punch. Basically, it fails to do what it was likely intended to do. There's too little depravity and bawdiness for it to work as a sexploitation film, and too much contrived hokeyness for it to be truly funny. There's little here to recommend anyone check this out, even genre fans.

There's lots of other films of this type that do a much better job with this kind of material. You should seek those out over this decidedly "un-super" flop!

It's the sort of film that's difficult to define in easy terms but the nearest would be sexploitation given that the director's emphasis very clearly is on naked women. The hard-working but non-acting Joye Jillson, bless her, plays a stewardess who is forced to go around in a disguise because she's so attractive to the male of the species. She also has a different lover in each of the cities she regularly visits, and the film chronicles her misadventures with a few of those guys as she gets involved with petty criminals and is forced to use her kung fu skills in order to bring various bad guys to book.

The martial arts scenes are some of the most inept ever staged and a complete embarrassment for anyone watching. The film's most outrageous scenes involve cameos from starlets Uschi Digard and Candy Samples, who are both required to strip for their roles. More blatant random nudity you couldn't imagine. Alongside all this, the viewer is treated to the usual Crown staples of bad acting, bad fashions, cheap film-making, and a general high level of ineptitude souring the whole experience. You have been warned. In private she's Something else! Superchick - she's more than just one woman and too much for just one man!

In New York she has Brian. Superchick - the super kind of woman - always in the middle of where the action is - always ready for a new adventure. You can't afford to miss - Superchick - she's much more than you ever had before. DukeFan 7 July This was a quite brutal movie. There were huge implausibilities, and a silly script, bad acting, etc. The only reason to watch this movie is that from time to time some quite impressive sets of breasts were exposed. Red-Barracuda 3 November True works for Crown International Airlines yes, really as a demur airline hostess by day.

Under the guise of the latter she transforms into a blonde bombshell who not only proves irresistible to men but who also fights crime whenever necessary. She holds a black belt in karate and has a doting man at every major flight destination, namely unwitting dopes in New York, Miami and Los Angeles; while at 40, feet different rules apply and she bags a young army stud in the airplane restroom.

Despite what its title and poster suggest, this one only barely qualifies as an action movie at all with a very thin supply of martial arts combat. The focus is squarely on comedy scenes. We follow the Superchick go from man to man, from one episode to another and marvel at the japes that accompany her. Truthfully, the comedy is only occasionally amusing and is often pretty clunky stuff, although the whole endeavour stays just on the right side of likability. It definitely has one foot in the sexploitation genre though, with a smattering of nudity throughout. Lead actress Joyce Jillson isn't too shy here and there are also a couple of very eye popping appearances for us to savour from busty 70's icons Uschi Digard and Candy Samples - going under the moniker of Mary Gavin.

In the final analysis, this is one strictly for forgiving fans of 70's b-movies. While it has its problems, it ultimately ticked a few boxes for me. Back in the 's there was a lot of exploitation films: Sexploitation, Blaxpoitation, and others to mention.

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In "Superchick", you won't find it in a comic book! Here you have a stewardess Joyce Jillson, who wears her stewardess uniform. When she's off duty, she goes from brunette, to long hair blonde. The short hair brunette her is meek and mild. Her Superchick mode is adventurous and uninhibited.

Consider this, the ultimate lover. Each one knew nothing about the other. But the one in Miami was involved with a criminal mastermind. Unaware of the situation, she does her regular job as usual. In California, she goes to karate class where she meets the champion who is secretly bilingual. After a fine jostling, he gets the surprise of his life. After thwarting a hijacking, she has her "coming out" party.

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