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We were in Vegas. Fuck Vegas and their dumb marketing campaign to enable adults to be kids. The next morning, I pulled open the curtains in our room to let in the dry, morning Vegas sun.

His eyes slowly opened, then bounced and skidded across the room. Eventually, his eyes found his way to mine. He was back. I could tell he was scanning through the events from last night searching for the tapes of what he had done. Fear covered his face. The same fear a convict might have when a judge recounts all of the misconduct right before the final sentencing: three counts of misery and unwanted babysitting provided by others, five counts of assholery to the innocent, and one major count of unwarranted time traveling.

Tears started running down his face. He laid in bed tangled in the pillows and blankets.

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My friends were at the pool listening to loud dance music and probably drinking again. I am so sorry, man. I know I was mean to you and everyone else.

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I have nothing. This was my childhood friend. The guy everyone talked about because he was the first to hook up with a girl in the 6th grade. I was still shaking off the shame from my religious upbringing around sex. Then we might see him outdo himself. Oldman portrays Churchill in a more sympathetic light, offering us a glimpse of the emotional and ruthless nature of Churchill in his quest to defeat the Nazi menace.

And in the way he goes on a tirade of insults towards Hitler that seem to be him simply thinking out loud. Certain aspects of the film unsurprisingly are scripted and did not occur in actuality, such as the underground scene. Which I found to be an unnecessary and unwarranted attempt to rewrite history and show Churchill in a more sympathetic light. Churchill was a warmonger who was obsessed with his place in history and the pursuit of glory.

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Yet that still takes away nothing from the fact that he is still Churchill. History does not have to and should not be rewritten. Simply retold. We the viewers must be given the freedom and the respect to decide for ourselves how we wish to analyze Churchill. For is it not he who said:.

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He wrote his part in history. Now let us analyze it, he was a man very well within his time. What he did, in some aspects of his is horrifying to us now.


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The darkest hour What's the meaning of the phrase 'The darkest hour'? What's the origin of the phrase 'The darkest hour'? Attlee gave Churchill due credit as the UK's war leader: "I feel that the probability of the surrender of our last enemy is so great that I must, at once, offer to you, our leader from the darkest hours through so many anxious days, my congratulations on this crowning result of your work.

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