Altenpflege Quo Vadis - Neue Pflege- und Managementkonzepte in der Altenpflege (German Edition)

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Work Strain Factors Among Caregivers

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Jahrgang samt Evidenzblatt der Rechtsmittelentscheidungen, Jahrgang, bearbeitet von Dr. Friedel, Dr. Jensik, Dr. Steininger gebunden PDF Download. Cassette PDF Online. Handbuch der speziellen Pastoralmedizin. Innovation PDF Download. These behaviors are mainly shown by residents, who suffer from dementia. When being discontent with the quality of care, geriatric nurses seem to burn out faster compared to content nurses for the elderly.

Concerning the organizational work strains, staff shortage and the linked time pressure are perceived as stressful by geriatric nurses. This tendency can be perceived in both, cases of illness as well as in average endurance.


Regarding the underlying diseases, diseases of the muscles and the skeleton system, of the respiratory system and of the psyche are the most important ones. These compass providing devices for avoiding physical work strains from carrying, lifting and turning residents.

To avoid mental work strains, employees should be able to participate by making suggestions, when planning the service schedule, receive training and have professional leaders who obtain core leadership competencies. The demographic change within the German population and the increasing number of geriatric multimorbid diseased patients will cause an increasing demand for nursing care in the future.

At the same time the number of young geriatric nurses decreases. Therefore, stationary care for the elderly will depend on older and experienced, but concerning their health status, strained employees. Thus, the working conditions have to be arranged in a way that allows geriatric nurses to operate healthy as long as possible. To create healthy working environments, work strains, which stress geriatric nurses, shall be detected. Afterwards these work strains shall be reduced within a project of work place health promotion. To explore work strain factors among caregivers, a complex desk research was arranged, in which solely secondary data were analyzed via fact finding.

Zikmund , p. Additionally, secondary data are mainly historical and do not involve contacting respondents Zikmund , p. Using secondary research offers the following advantages compared to applying primary data: Acquiring secondary data is usually less expensive than obtaining data via primary research.