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Sage clearly has a difficult road ahead of her and a difficult decision to make. DNF Page I just can't get into this. I tried. Maybe one day I will try again. I have way too many books to read. Feb 07, Karen rated it liked it Shelves: ya-read-and-to-read.


I wanted to love this book, I did. I just didn't. Let me start off by saying that I am glad there are books out there for teenagers that even attempt to tackle the concept of being transgender. I'm goddamn thrilled. So, really, the rest of this review is nitpicky stuff. The rest of this review is genuinely for a time in the future when books with transgender characters and themes are so mainstream and common that it is no longer necessary to celebrate them as the sole outlets for such themes, or I wanted to love this book, I did.

The rest of this review is genuinely for a time in the future when books with transgender characters and themes are so mainstream and common that it is no longer necessary to celebrate them as the sole outlets for such themes, or as the limited outlets for such themes. This book is important and should be read, I believe. But I still had criticisms and I will continue them below. If you'd rather not hear them, that's totally fine by me. I get it. First off, can we talk about the fatshaming? I really didn't like the portrayal of Tim. Every time Logan talked about Tim, there was a dig at his weight.

Like, for real, man? Can you think of anything other than his size?

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Every single reference to Tim had something like that in there, and we as a society cannot bring one group up while simultaneously dragging another down. Fatshaming isn't okay and it didn't sit well at all in this book. Please stop fatshaming Tim.

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Secondly, can Logan get a freaking grip? The whole book felt like the author was trying to communicate every reaction to a trans person ever, but it felt forced.

It just didn't feel genuine. And if I can spot some BS, so can teenagers. That's their whole goddamn purpose.

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Thirdly, could we maybe focus just a little less on how Logan was physically attracted to Sage? I felt like there was a ridiculous amount of "Logan is super hot for Sage even though she's trans". Like, are we trying to prove that a person can be attractive regardless of gender? Like I said with Logan's emotional mood swings, I'm not saying he shouldn't be attracted to Sage. But his attraction felt forced. It felt a little out of place. I wanted tingly feelings and I got uncomfortable. To reiterate, I feel like this book is important.

I have read other books about transgender people though admittedly not as many as I'd like I've read Stone Butch Blues [so eye opening when I was but a wee collegiate freshman] and Luna which made me weep big fat baby tears by myself in a public space with only the cleaning crew as witness. I liked Sage.

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I liked the overall message. I didn't really like Logan. I wanted him to be less of a wimp.

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  • Or at least I wanted his engagement with his wimpiness to genuinely result in something important. The end of the book really felt like a, "oh well, life goes on, Sage was great but oh well". We couldn't have a little look into their lives later? Like five or ten years down the road, Sage is a well-transitioned woman and randomly meets Logan again who's less of a self-centered douchebag and she takes a chance on the undeniably chemistry they have and it works out this time because Logan can handle it now? And they make it work?

    I guess that's unrealistic or some nonsense but I was actually quite annoyed when Logan bopped off with the first cute girl at Mizzou. I have many feelings.

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    I'm sorry they're all here. Mostly I just felt that Sage deserved more and I was sad Logan was so much of a douche. I wanted more from this book, but I'm grateful it's out there. I have so many feelings. If you'd like a lot of feelings, you should go read this book, too. So many feelings. Aug 09, A. Leibowitz rated it liked it Shelves: gender , fiction , trans , mf , ya , 3-star. When I read this, I loved it but I struggled with some aspects of it. Four years later, I still have conflicted feelings. It's not from the perspective of the trans girl.

    So in that sense, I think it works. I've been on both sides of this equation--the person coming out and the person someone else comes out to--which is why I feel conflicted. At the time I read it, it was among the few that was even willing to talk about the complicated feelings of the partner. It's still taboo to talk about it, When I read this, I loved it but I struggled with some aspects of it.

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    It's still taboo to talk about it, as though only feelings on one side matter here. And as someone who has had to come out, I can definitely say that this is not true. That said, I'm on the fence as to how Sage is written. There's a lot of misgendering, and I feel that it borders at times on "othering" her. There are some dubious things about Sage's transition, like I think she's taking bootleg hormones which isn't just a bad idea, it's also not the same as the prescribed hormones trans women use.

    Also, I wasn't entirely comfortable read: was upset by the events toward the end and the way the narrative strives to protect Logan's feelings.